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Leading Sans Leadership Meeting
the editorial board
February 25, 2010

Would it be brash to suggest that a pragmatic leader in the Deerfield community ought not to attend the “Leadership Training” sessions?

Perhaps not. For starters, why is it necessary to formalize so-called “leadership positions”? If Deerfield is such a prestigious institution, each and every one of its students, from freshman up to senior, should be a capable leader. It is uncalled for to specifically deem certain roles on campus “leadership” roles when students are all encouraged to be well-rounded, Renaissance men and women—the future leaders of the world.

The appointed “leaders” of the school should have the skills of time management and prioritizing. By handling the demands of Deerfield, they have already displayed adeptness in these areas, and as competent young people, have already acquired so-called leadership skills.

Many if not all of the most successful Deerfield leaders chose to skip the second Leadership Training meeting. After attending the first, in which a mandatory group reflection on handmade flow charts met with cynicism and silence, they chose to forgo another meeting after considering the best use of their time.

Deerfield needs to trust and believe in its leaders—they are all capable of handling what they have taken on. If not, they’ll catch on fast.