Junior Declamations: Congratulations!

1 thought on “Junior Declamations: Congratulations!”

  1. Dear Emmett:
    I knew your Grandpa Rocky very well. My husband was a bartender at the Parrot Inn in Northfield NJ, and we used to be very good friends with him, and your uncles Dean and Mike. We attended some family funcitons way back when. They would remember us. You Grandpa was a very wise man, and mentored so many young people that came into his bar on a regular basis.
    He really did work hard, and talked about all the kids and grandkids and flashed pictures on a regular basis. It was clear that his kids/grandkids were his world and what motivated him to work so hard. I’m so happy that you realize why he worked so hard and that you were able to go places you may not have ever had the opportunity, if not for his sacrifice. That would make dear old Rocky so proud.
    Blessings to you and the family

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