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David Koch Named Lifetime Trustee

Philip Greer, chairman of the board of trustees said, “David Koch is a living example of Mr. Boyden’s aspiration.” In tribute to Mr. Koch’s selflessness and dedication to Deerfield ideals, the board recently voted to name him the first and only Lifetime Trustee.

This unprecedented honor gives Mr. Koch all the rights of an active trustee, including voting, and he may come to as many meetings as he wants for the rest of his life.

“There may well be no one else ever accorded this honor,” said Mr. Greer.

Since first arriving on Deerfield campus in 1954 as a student, Mr. Koch has served the Academy in many capacities—but especially as a trustee and generous donor. In the past twenty years, he has significantly helped to fund the construction of the natatorium and Koch Math and Science Center.

“Mr. Koch has shown through his actions and his words that he is worthy of his Deerfield heritage,” said Ms. Curtis.

In 1995, Mr. Koch was a major donor for the natatorium, which houses an eight-lane pool, a Jacuzzi, a lap-pool, and three diving boards under soaring ceilings. Not only is it home to Deerfield swimming and diving teams, but it also serves as a facility for the Franklin County community and swimming Special Olympics team.

The Koch Center, to which Mr. Koch made a major contribution in 2007, has been called “the science and math Mecca of the boarding school world” by Board members.

“I would like to be known in the future as someone who is not just a wealthy, successful businessman,” he said, “but someone who really cared about the well-being of others—did his darndest to be charitable and help others.”

3 Comments on David Koch Named Lifetime Trustee

  1. Does anyone who cares about the “independent” academy find it humorous that Deerfield’s science center is named in honor of a hard science denier?
    Or that the US constitution disallows lifetime terms of our politicians because it is known to jeopardize the freedom and independence of our people?
    I bet Mr. Boyden is rolling in his grave.

  2. Edward Plimpton // April 17, 2014 at 12:05 am //

    I would assume not only Mr Boyden as Wick Beavers suggests,but his dear wife, the chemistry teacher, might also be rolling in her grave. So Mr Boyden’s aspirations was certainly to have a loyal alumni who would support the school and Mr. Koch certainly fulfills that critera. And his generosity is impressive. But to uniquely honor someone with such clear political beliefs as an exemplar of the Deerfield ideal is a bit much for some of us.

  3. Phil Doughty '66 // April 26, 2014 at 6:08 pm //

    Mr.Koch has a perfect right to his political beliefs because as I last recall the USA is a democracy, and the kids who have benefitted from Mr.Koch’s generosity -to attend one of the finest schools in the United States -can only feel gratitude to him, in my opinion.

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