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Current Electives Miss Out
the editorial board
February 25, 2010

As juniors and seniors looked over this year’s spring electives, many were disappointed to find no science offerings. Where, for instance, have Skywatching and Forensics gone?

Aside from these traditional standbys we would like to see courses with more relevance to students. Many have expressed interest in seeing more practical or hands-on courses such as home economics or wood shop.

How about a course focused on keeping abreast of current events? Middlesex, for example, offers a course in which students must read the paper daily and write letters to the editor while pursuing a research topic.

It seems especially important that seniors on the cusp of, if not already, exercising their voting rights, be well-informed about the issues of the day. In the past, we have complained about students’ ignorance when it comes to current events, why doesn’t the school try a proactive approach as Middlesex does?

Offering this to seniors might be a first step towards a class offered towards the entire student body, encouraging overall political awareness.