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What’s with the Wall?
stefani kuo 13 book reviewer
January 28, 2010

Faces that had yet to find out about the fire that took place over Christmas break stared at the white wall that covered the South Bubble.

The sudden shock of the “2010” painted onto the wall with Deerfield green one night aroused many discussions as to what it could have been or what it should have been decorated with or used by.

Now, as a new piece of construction is introduced to the community, ideas of the wall’s uses have spread far and wide across campus.

There are plenty of both positive and negative things to say about the wall. However, gossip only spreads for so long. The wall is only temporary, as the Deerfield community awaits the reconstruction of the South bubble.

“There should definitely have been a movie projector that we could have used to watch while eating sit down meals,” said Tanyaporn Sertthin ’13 jokingly. “Or even the Superbowl!”

“We should have made a mural along the sides of the wall as a border of the projector where seniors can sign their names on,” commented Christina Pil ’12.

Or, as Taylor Harris ’13 suggested, we could have “hooked on an Xbox 360 and played video games projected on the surface.”

Though there are many views regarding the myriad zany ideas that could have been implemented with the wall, there are also opinions on the transformation of the wall into the seniors’ signature in green and white.

When asked for her opinion, Sharon Tam ’13 shared that “though the seniors should have the priority of being the center of attention as it is their last year at Deerfield Academy, not all the seniors participated and they could have included the rest of the school in the activity as a community.”

Yet, when Alex Kim ’10 considered the piece of art that represents his class, he said, “I like it because it shows our class spirit. I’m all for everything that represents our class of 2010!”