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Keep Up the Momentum, ESAC!
the editorial board
January 28, 2010

At a recent walk-through lunch, members of the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee camped out at a table to conduct a taste-test water survey. Students leading this environmental initiative, Taylor Kniffin ’10, Ellie Parker ’11, John Marsh ’12, and Elizabeth Eastman ’13 then presented the results to the student body, which overwhelmingly favored filtered tap water over Dasani and Poland Springs bottled water.

ESAC has taken an important step in encouraging reform of our environmental habits by moving away from less eco-friendly bottled water. However, to truly make a change, the entire community needs to help ESAC use this information to take action.

With the momentum already behind this project, it is crucial that ESAC and student body follow through and improve our treatment of the environment.