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Is This How We Should Treat Our Staff?
the editorial board
January 28, 2010

While Deerfield students may not see this pile of scraped-off gum or the gum-spotted underside of a table, to members of our staff, these photographs are, unfortunately, common sites. As Dining Hall Staffer Bruce MacConnell told students at a recent sit-down lunch, he and other Dining Hall workers have filled several garbage cans full with the gum students have stuck underneath tables. Is this the way we want to treat other members of our community? Considering that napkins are available to us at every meal, stored in drawers next to each table, this supposedly “best student body in America” must either be incredibly lazy or eager to show the ones who work every day to feed us and keep our campus clean that we are much too superior to pick up after ourselves. Deerfield, we are better than this. Please, just grab a napkin.