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DAnet’s (Not So) Hidden Gems
camille villa 10 online editor volume 84
January 28, 2010

Many of us start our day by visiting DAnet and checking our e-mail and the the lunch menu that day.

However, the unwieldy menus on DAnet keep most students from exploring DA’s plethora of other tech resources.

Here are a few of the things you might have been missing (and more importantly, how to get to them):

Traditional sit-down meal announcements have become ineffective with so many people eating at table 70 and in the lobby. To place an event on the DAnet calendar, go to DAorgs/ Communications Department.

Vegans and varsity athletes: are you getting enough protein? You can find detailed nutritional information for each meal at DAorgs/Wellness.

Worried about getting your computer reimaged at IT and losing your music? Learn to back up your iTunes library at DAorgs/ITS Help Desk/ Documents/PC.

You can find audio and video recordings of various performances (declamations, acting tutorial., dance, etc.) under the “Koch Friday Concert” folder on the R: drive.

The library has a variety of databases which you can even access from off-campus. We have subscriptions to music databases that have everything ranging from classical to gospel; there’s a whole database dedicated to world music.

Go the library’s website/ Databases by Subject/Music.

Intimidated by political debates and discussions of current events? Get a short briefing on the history and circumstances surrounding issues like Darfur and the Afghan War. Hear perspectives on both sides of political and ethical issues at Opposing Viewpoints.

Go to the library’s website /Databases by Subject/Current Issues.

[And of course, there’s always:]