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The Fall Play: We Can All Relate
elizabeth barry 11 contributing writer
December 15, 2009

As my ticket was taken from hand and was replaced with a yellow program, a sense of excitement built up within me. With high expectations I took my seat in the second to last row of the front section.

The fall play What I Did Last Summer had promised to be an exceptional play with filled with scenes and conflicts very much relatable to the modern teenager today, such as love triangles, inspiration, puberty, rebellion, summer fun, and much more. And I must say… it did not disappoint. It not only told a story, but spoke directly to the audience furthermore captivating our interest (not to mention a much anticipated kiss!).

Each of the six characters related to our Deerfield community in some form or another.

Anna Trumbull, also known as the “Pig Woman”, played by Sarah Woolf, relates to our faculty and staff on campus—constantly inspiring and motivating students to follow their potential and do what it is that they love. Bonnie, played by Emily Blau, is the cute fourteen year old juggling between the likes of two guys named Charlie, played by Ryan Erf, and Ted, played by Michael Yang. And of course, what kind of teenage life would it be if there’s not some love triangle at some point.

Another big, important relationship in life is the one between a mother and her kids. Grace, played by Camille Coppola, well portrays the ups and downs of a mother and her teenagers, and dealing with family off at war. Questions were raised over whether Charlie should be sent to boarding school; even Deerfield was mentioned as a good choice.

All the different relationships and choices made in this play make it that much more enjoyable to our community because we can all relate, which is why I think this play was an excellent choice to start off the year.