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Thank You
the editorial board
December 15, 2009

This fall, the Health Center handled the H1N1 outbreak with impressive composure. It put an enormous amount of work into its planning to ensure that every student felt taken care of.

Ms. Curtis also had the well-being of the students at heart when she took note of our swine-incited stress and gave us a much needed “health day,” even when she knew the decision would result in some formidable re-scheduling. So thank you, to the Health Center and the administration, for sacrificing time and resources in order to keep us healthy and happy.

Those responsible for integrating community service into our co-curricular activities also deserve a thank you. Whether the different groups were raising money for cancer research, or simply helping out with the busy-work around campus, all took a break from our own self-enrichment to help others.

The Community Service Program has started a tradition that brings us closer to Deerfield’s aspiration of being “worthy.”

These decisions are valuable because they make us a healthier, more vibrant, and more engaged community.