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Sports Editorial: Choate Controversy
cyrus wittig 10 sports editor volume 84
December 15, 2009

I feel it is my duty as the editor of the sports page to share some of my thoughts on the immediate criticism of and disdain for the unfortunately infamous “Choate quotes” article that was present in the November 11th issue of the Scroll.

Let me start off by saying that as the editor of the sports page, I, not our editor-in-chief, or the Scroll associates who help produce the issues, had responsibility for the article. It was not intended to offend anyone at Choate, and certainly not at Deerfield. Simply put, this article was the playful banter that goes on between Choate and Deerfield students before, during, and after every Choate Day of which I have been a part.

It is fact that the majority of Deerfield and Choate students come from the tri-state area. They have known each other for years, and both student bodies are more than aware that these are not fighting words. These are the absurd claims made by each student body in order to poke fun at the other institution.

It seems that many have felt the line has been crossed now that this war of words has been put into actual print. But let us not forget some of the things that go on during the highly anticipated “Choate Week.” We present a “dead Choatie” after a sit-down meal. We tell humorous stories of a Boyden-esque figure fighting off wild boars in ancient times. Finally, we conclude the week with an actual burning of the “C.” All three of these events are cheered on fiercely by Deerfield students who embrace the chance to be more or less barbarians when they are covered in green and white paint.

This is all part of a rivalry, and in this case a very historical and very heated one. It is also one where it is apparent that it has become a rivalry in which words sometimes speak louder than action, and I should have taken the responsibility to make sure that didn’t happen.