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Letter from the Editor: Choate Controversy
lucy cobbs 10 editor-in-chief volume 84
December 15, 2009

On the lower left-hand corner of page four of the November 11 issue of The Scroll, a box entitled “Why We’d Rather Be Here Than Choate” containing student quotes was printed. I realize now that it was inappropriate to publish these derogatory, pointed remarks, and I apologize to all those offended. Thank you to Mrs. LaScala and Mr. Merriam for writing letters and expressing your concern.

I regret that the tone of the “Here and There” special issue, which included thoughtful reflections from alumni and current students, was tarnished by this small part of the edition. There is no excuse for this honest mistake; perhaps we were caught up in the excitement of Choate week and chaos of layout, but still it should have been noticed.

The fact that no one on the editorial board who saw this box was alarmed by the animosity of the quotes speaks, however, to a larger issue. I hope we can use this to generate discussion about the nature of our rivalry with Choate. While friendly competition is healthy, we should question when it crosses the line. I encourage you to send The Scroll your opinions at, and we appreciate the constructive criticism.