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An Invitation to the Hometown Project
camille villa 10 online editor volume 84
December 15, 2009

The thing I love the most about Deerfield is being able to see my peers in a variety of roles: as athletes, classmates, performers, artists, community servants, in the dorms, and at sit-down meals.

However, there’s an integral part of our identity which remains hidden to most. At Deerfield, the focus tends to be on where we’re headed and we pay little attention to the variety of backgrounds our peers originate from.

The Hometown Project is an experiment in self-expression for all the members of the Deerfield community. Over Christmas Break, I hope you take advantage of this opportunity to reconnect with yourself and reconnect with others.

The Hometown Project is totally optional and entries can be as silly or serious as you would like. Entries can be writing, photos or video clips; you can submit as many pieces as you would like, all will be featured on Scroll Online. One photo will be selected for publication in Albany Road and one video clip will be featured on the Scroll’s homepage.

E-mail entries to