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Beyond the Nametag: Mrs. Latham & Ms. Veiga
hadley newton 12 arts entertainment editor volume 86
December 15, 2009

Mrs. Latham

Sarah Latham is a new addition to the mathematics staff this year and teaches two sections of BC Calculus, one section of Precalculus, and one section of Geometry. She is residing in Ashley, along with her husband and two daughters, Emmie and Hannah ’13.

Ms. Latham is also helping out with both the girls cross country team and assisting Mr. Harcourt in coaching JV girls’ hockey. (“Who wouldn’t love working with Mr. Harcourt?” she exclaimed when describing her winter coaching position.)

Before coming to Deerfield, Mrs. Latham attended Bowdoin College and pursued a career in banking. She then attended Harvard, where she received her Masters of Education. After that, she taught for five years at St. Albans School and ten years at Princeton Day School.

Mrs. Latham decided to become a teacher while she was working an unfulfilling job in the banking industry.

“When I looked out my office window, all I could see were people across the street working in their offices,” Ms. Latham remarked, reminiscing on how she craved a more inspiring intellectual setting.

Around that time, she met her husband at a New Year’s Eve party. He was a math teacher at The Taft School and encouraged her to consider becoming a teacher. Now, their roles have been reversed as Ms. Latham is a teacher, and her husband is a medical writer.

Ms. Latham is glad to be in a new place, but said, “It was hard to leave New Jersey because my kids grew up there.” But while New Jersey is home to her children, Ms. Latham grew up near Westminster, so coming to Deerfield feels like a “return to home.”

Ms. Veiga

Kristen Veiga is new to the math department this year who lives on Pocumtuck 3. She is teaching Algebra II and Precalculus, in addition to helping coach Varsity field hockey and Girls Thirds Lacrosse.

She graduated from Bowdoin College this past spring, where she had focused on math and economics. She noted, “I entered college thinking about working in business, but after I started tutoring and TA-ing, I realized how much I enjoy teaching.” She ultimately chose to teach because she would “have the opportunity to talk to people” and connect with them on a daily basis.

Ms. Veiga is also having a great time with the girls on her hall, remarking, “We are fortunate enough to have our own common room area and kitchen.” Her favorite feeds to give are dino-nuggets, banana bread, and cookies.

Transitioning into Deerfield’s community has not been so difficult for Ms. Veiga. She played varsity field hockey in college and “was fortunate enough to win two national championships.” Her team became very close, and she thought it would be hard to leave. But, upon arriving at Deerfield, she found a new community.

“Ms. Cabral has been an awesome mentor,” said Ms. Veiga, “she, along with the rest of the students and faculty, has made the transition very easy for me.”