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Helping Out Our Hard-Pressed Staff
the editorial board
November 11, 2009

This summer, due to losses in the endowment and a part of its financial restructuring plan, Deerfield had to lay off twenty-six members of the staff. While trying to address all fiscal issues within one year, these staff cuts caused a sudden, shocking change that is, of course, a blow to all members of the Deerfield community.

Those working in the Dining Hall, in the dorms, and elsewhere around campus, are feeling the significant loss of several co-workers. During this time of healing, it is crucial that the Deerfield community supports them.

We encourage open communication between the administration and staff—a start in this direction will be demonstrated in a document to be published on DAnet with the thoughts of those working in all areas of the Deerfield Staff.

Students and faculty should help make this transition easier, as those who used to clean the Greer or sweep the Dining Hall floor are among the individuals no longer employed.

Let’s keep things clean—picking up after ourselves in the hallways, the classrooms, and in the Greer, giving them a hand and helping rebuild the community in which we live.