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Are Schools Greener on the Other Side? A Look at Choate Rosemary Hall
yu-jin nam 11 front page editor volume 85
November 11, 2009

Choate Rosemary Hall hosted the 2010 Northeast Kick-Off Conference for the Green Cup Challenge on November 8, 2009. As a member of the Green Schools Alliance, Choate has put great effort into keeping their school sustainable and environmentally aware.

Choate’s environmental projects are guided by the school’s Sustainability Committee, which consists of students, faculty, the dean of residential life, the head of dining services, the head of environmental services, and the chief financial officer.

In recent years, the committee has implemented a conservation proctor program, a student-run environmental task force.

Along with the annual Green Cup Challenge, Choate also holds the Hydro Cup, a three-week inter-dormitory competition to conserve water. The school no longer purchases bottled water; so instead every new member of the school receives a reusable plastic water bottle.

Katrina Homan, co-chair of the Sustainability Committee said, “Our goal is to educate the students. We want to remain flexible when it comes to making environmental decisions, so as new research comes out we can adapt our projects.”