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2009 November
November 11, 2009
Down Some Confidence, but Not Really Worried
In the five months since Commencement, I’ve had to reconsider the niche I found at Deerfield as editor of The Deerfield Scroll, captain of the math team, co-captain of the…
November 11, 2009
About this Special Issue
In the so-called ‘Deerfield bubble,’ it is hard to remember what life was like before we arrived or imagine what it will be like after we leave...
November 11, 2009
Dominican Dreams
I dream of returning to the village of Las Charcas in the Dominican Republic in ten years to see a cluster of ten families living in ten homes built by…
November 11, 2009
Here and There: Scottie Thompson ’09
Though I haven’t always thought of myself first and foremost as an athlete, the teams I was on at Deerfield provided me with many of my most rewarding moments and…
November 11, 2009
Tests of Mind and Body
Former front page editor Anne Jamison '09 shares her gap year experience at Timbertop Geeolong Grammar School in Australia...
November 11, 2009
Re: "Why Aren’t We Truly Bleeding Green?"
Student participation and enthusiasm in these initiatives, including the student-run Environmental Club, are essential to Deerfield’s continuing progress in embracing change to become a greener school...
November 11, 2009
Deerless Pastures
I’d long anticipated the shock that such thorough reformatting of my life’s environment might have had on my freshman year, but really what I’ve realized is how ready I was…