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Why I’ve Been Wearing a Uniform
katie walker 10 contributing writer
October 23, 2009

You may have noticed that for the past two weeks I’ve been wearing a uniform to class everyday. The ensemble includes flip-flops or sneaks, a green or plaid pleated skirt, a white polo shirt usually with a Deerfield Door logo that I bought in Hitchcock House, and some form of a second layer. The outfit is simple and practical.

I occasionally time myself in the morning to see how quickly I can get dressed, and the uniform has improved my best time to a record of six minutes from when my alarm goes off to when I’m walking out the door. It definitely helps that I can keep my pajama boxers on underneath the skirt without looking sloppy.

I am not proposing that everyone wears a mandatory uniform. I simply think that girls’ class dress is vague and hard to follow. So until we come up with a better solution, I’m merely providing an alternative that adheres to the rules while taking the emphasis off fancy clothes during the academic day. It allows girls to be taken seriously without having to wonder whether their dresses are too short or their shirts too low. We all have busy lives at Deerfield and we all have more important things to worry about.

I haven’t decided yet how the uniform will make the transition into winter, but so long as it’s warm enough, I invite you all to stop by Bewkes House and try on a uniform. You can keep it; I have lots of extras!