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Round Square Summer Photo Fun
the editorial board
October 23, 2009

The Round Square Steering Committee recently ran a photo contest open to all Deerfield students and faculty. The subject: Anything you saw this past summer.

Round Square is an organization that promotes service and IDEALS:


The winners of the Round Square Photo Contest in each of four categories were:

Sense of Place (Architecture):
1. Cobblestone, by Deidre Yiu ’11
2. Mosaic Monument, by Danielle Dalton ’12

1. Simple Scoop, by Jen Mulrow ’10
2. Camera Shy, by Christina Sheehan ’12

1. Seal from Uraguay, by Charlotte McLaughry ’11
2. Lion, by Mac McDonald ’13

Best in Show:
1. Photo of Bridge, by Hannah Dancer ’11

Below are some of the submissions. Please visit the Hilson Gallery for other photos.

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<i>Cobblestone</i>, Deidre Yiu ‘11
Cobblestone, Deidre Yiu ‘11

Lucy Phillips '10
Lucy Phillips ’10

<i>Lion</i>, Mac McDonald '13
Lion, Mac McDonald ’13

<i>Simple Scoop</i>, Jen Mulrow ‘10
Simple Scoop, Jen Mulrow ‘10

Mac McDonald '13
Mac McDonald ’13

<i>Two Highways One Way</i>, Hannah Dancer '11
Two Highways One Way, Hannah Dancer ’11

Lucy Phillips '10
Lucy Phillips ’10

<i>Mosaic Monument</i>, Danielle Dalton '12
Mosaic Monument, Danielle Dalton ’12

Taylor Kniffin '10
Taylor Kniffin ’10

<i>Bug on Flower</i>, Alex Berner '11
Bug on Flower, Alex Berner ’11

<i>Camera Shy</i>, Christina Sheehan ‘12
Camera Shy, Christina Sheehan ‘12

<i>Seal from Uraguay</i>, Charlotte McLaughry ‘11
Seal from Uraguay, Charlotte McLaughry ‘11