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Parietals – Keep Up the Discussion
student council
October 23, 2009

Parietals. Hopefully we now have your attention.

At the beginning of the school year, the members of Student Council met to discuss the most pressing student issues. The topic of parietals arose and as we continued to explore the topic, it became clear changes had to be made. Here at Deerfield, we are constantly reminded by the administration of the honor and trust shared within community. With parietals, it appears those words hold no meaning. An 18 year-old senior is confined to the same rules as a new 13 year old freshman?

With this pressing at the minds of those on Student Council, we set about to find a viable solution. After much discussion a new proposal on the rules governing parietals was passed by the Council. In short, the proposal created a more reasonable system that accounted for class differences. Using the current rules as a base for the sophomore class, as we felt was appropriate, we proposed to set the rules by class. As a student progresses through his or her Deerfield career he or she would be awarded more trust. In the opinion of the Council, the proposal also addresses some of the gender issues on campus by encouraging healthy relationships.
When the proposal was brought to the Dorm Council, the sitting faculty objected not on a practical basis, but rather one of emotion and belief. Their counter-proposal seemed to be a Trojan horse for increased rules, and stripped the important staggering of rules that are central to the Council’s plan. We ask why the faculty continue to feel that Deerfield students are unable to make good decisions in their personal lives, yet are expected to do so elsewhere?

Student Council plans to continue to press the issue with the administration, and we ask that students bring the topic up with each other and the faculty. We strongly believe this is a topic that needs to be addressed and feel there needs to be an honest and open discussion about it on campus.