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Mourning the “Bookstore”
the editorial board
September 30, 2009

The Bookstore has served as a landmark on campus—a symbol of the school’s academic atmosphere, enthusiasm for literature, and everything else that the notion of “book” represents.

The building’s name has changed from simply “The Bookstore” to “Hitchcock House,” and now, this center of our campus has replaced the book with the Vineyard Vines bag.

Photo by Jennifer Coulombe '10
Photo by Jennifer Coulombe ’10The books that once occupied a pleasant, spacious room in the house have been replaced with items from what was formerly the Alumni Store in the Arms building. The sparse selection of books can be found stuffed on a single bookshelf and in among school supplies.

We do not need an entire room of fancy Deerfield paraphernalia available year-round when we were fine with them available in their old location on Parents’ Weekend and at the start of school. We would much rather have a variety of books accessible to us in an inviting house whenever the need for a fresh read comes along.

Students have always regarded the bookstore as a place that embodies the spirit of Deerfield. This change compromises the meaning behind this comforting icon.

We urge the administration to reestablish the values that the building, in the heart of campus, represents and put books back in a prominent position in the bookstore.