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Missing the Key to the Green Key
the editorial board
September 30, 2009

Last spring, members of the student body completed a lengthier and more detailed version of the “Green Key” application than in previous years. Dean of Students Amie Creagh requested, through email, that the applicants read through the application thoroughly as it contained information about a more rigorous and selective Green Key program.

The application mentioned frequent personal meetings with new students and the promotion of “Green Key” to a more esteemed position on campus. Each Green Key, the application suggested, would have several new students to monitor.

However, after the selection of Green Keys, postcard writing continued as it had in previous year, and since then, minimal changes have been made. Green Key Heads, who organized a gathering and scavenger hunt for new students, are an addition, but the new program and its alleged “changes” have not been made. No weekly or biweekly meetings have been scheduled, and many Green Keys are responsible for just one new student.

Any strengths of the program are due to the commitment of returning Green Keys and not the heads or deans. The Green Key system could become increasingly inconsistent this year as those in charge have not made the expectations clear.

Other than the few traditional email reminders over the summer to contact new students, the Green Keys were not, and are not, aware of any changes in the system. If the program is to improve, so must the communication.