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Daisy Dolan ’11: Teen Magazine Fashionista
susanna kvam 11 contributing writer
September 30, 2009

Next time you walk into a drugstore or pass a newsstand, pick up a current issue of Seventeen magazine and flip to page 50. There you will find a familiar face promoting the latest trends. I sat down with Daisy Dolan ’11 to discuss her role on Seventeen’s style council.

Scroll: Tell me about your role as member of the Seventeen Style Council…

Dolan: It’s really fun actually. I’m sort of like a guest editor, in that we all style our own shoots, and we blog on about trends and things like that.

Scroll: How did you get chosen to be on the Style Council?

Dolan: I interned at a fashion PR company the summer after freshman year, and my boss got an email from Seventeen saying that they needed girls for the position, so I applied. I actually didn’t know I got it until they called me in for a shoot for the March issue.

Scroll: How would you describe your personal style?

Dolan: Pretty similar to how they describe me. I love dresses and skirts, but I’m a lot less preppy than they describe me. They needed someone to fill the ‘prep school’ position.

Scroll: Have you always wanted to have a career in fashion?

Dolan: My mom used to say that Vogue taught me to read, so yeah, I guess. But after being around the industry, I’m not positive it’s what I want to do when I’m older.

Scroll: What was it like to be at a Seventeen fashion shoot?

Dolan: Very long. It’s crazy because you spend an hour or two in fittings and in hair and makeup, and then the actual shoot is maybe 6 minutes. It’s sort of awkward because there are 10 people on set and fans blowing at your face and you have to sort of dance around and look like you’re having a ton of fun.

Scroll: In what ways has appearing in Seventeen changed your life?

Dolan: It has definitely opened a lot of doors for me. This summer I already have two internships planned, and I’ve been able to go to fashion week and some premieres, so it’s been a pretty cool experience.

Scroll: Do you have any other promotional appearances coming up soon?

Dolan: Yes! I’m going to be in a JC Penney promotional ad for one of their lines, Decree. And I may also be on an E! News segment about holiday shopping, but that’s a few months away.