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Widdies 2009
camille villa 10 online editor volume 84
May 20, 2009

On May 15, Deerfield hosted its annual video festival, the Widdies. Videos ranged from action to comedy and music videos. Stay tuned as we upload more videos!

1. Recycle, 5 min.

Wiggs Civitillo

2. The Diploma List, 4 min.

Greg Browne, Matt DeNunzio

3. Shake it Up, 5 min.

Ellen Stokarski

4. 21, 8 min.

Tony Andreas

5. Fire, 3 min.

Mary Cherna

6.1,2,3,4, 3 min.

Katya Yudin and Megan Cai
Sweetest Video

7. Tardy Sauce, 4 min.

Hunter Huebsch, Greg Browne

8. The Pocumtuck Witch Project, 9 min.

Yianni Grupen, Alex Langlois, Chris Cook, Jon Tam
Best Spoof

9. The Briefcase, 8 min.

Jay Kwok, Justin Terwilliger
Best Adaptation, Best Supporting Actor: Jay Kwok

10. Greer Window, 13 min.
Part 1, Part 2

Ellen Stokarski
Best Video of the Year, Best Actor: Taylor Coe, Best Actress: Ellen Stokarski, Best Director: Ellen Stokarski

11. Leavin’, 5 min.

Katie Binswanger, Emma McGrath, Miles Griffis
Most Poetic

12. Dorm Linebackers, 3 min.

Hunter Huebsch, Greg Browne
Best Actor in a Comedy: Hunter Huebsch

13. #$@% in a Box, 5 min.

Wiggs Civitillo
Best Comedy, Best Music Video, Best Independent Video