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Top 5 Best and Worst Senior Pranks
the scroll
May 20, 2009

Top 5 Best Senior Pranks

“The best pranks in my mind are those that are CLEVER and demonstrate the wit, humor and ingenuity of the pranksters.” –English Teacher and Assistant Dean of Faculty Karinne Heise

1) Parking a Volkswagen on the Main School Building porch

2) Planting ’09 tulips in front of the Main School Building

3) Unscrewing the faculty seats in the Large Auditorium and turning them backwards

4) Filling Dixie cups with water on the floors of the Main School Building to create a “domino-like” spill

5) Covering the front walk to the Main School Building with turf

Top 5 Most Obnoxious Senior Pranks

“All pranks are disruptive. They are meant to make life difficult in a playful, mischievous way.” –Dance Director Jennifer Whitcomb

Top 5 Most Obnoxious Senior Pranks

1) Breaking into the Dean of Students’ computer and erasing all AP’s

2) Kidnapping students to go to the Rock or river

3) Hanging students’ underwear in trees outside the Dining Hall during lunch

4) Stealing silverware and putting it in the swimming pool

5) Stealing the dry erase markers from the classrooms