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Three Dedicated Faculty Retire: Ann Quinn
danielle dalton 12 features editor volume 86
May 20, 2009

From her office on the second floor of the Arms Building, Associate Academic Dean and Study Skills Coordinator Ann Quinn has been enriching students’ lives for 25 years.But this year marks the last of a career which she has enjoyed as she will be retiring after a respectable tenure here at Deerfield.

Ms. Quinn has seen approximately one third of the school pass through her office.Whether it is a one-time visit or a student’s weekly meeting, Ms. Quinn has made herself available to help students adjusting to the rigor of Deerfield, dealing with a lot of stress, or trying to learn time management and organizational skills.“It is great to work with all different grades,” she remarked.

“Ms. Quinn gives you suggestions on what she thinks will help you study and learn easier, such as attending extra help and writing important things down. She is really there to help everyone succeed,” Vernon Jackson ’11 remarked.

Dean of Faculty John Taylor said, “She develops extremely strong relationships with students.To this day, she is still in touch with some alumni she worked with.”

One of Ms. Quinn’s favorite Deerfield memories was witnessing the return of coeducation.“I served on a committee to get ready for the girls to come on campus,” she recalled, “it was an incredibly exciting time.”

While on her sabbatical in 2006-2007, Ms. Quinn became certified to teach yoga, an enjoyable activity she plans to continue to do after her final year here.She also loves taking advantage of the academically stimulating environment of the Pioneer Valley.

“We live in the five college valley; so I would like to continue to explore the colleges and take classes,” she said.

Mr. Taylor noted, “What stands out about [Ann Quinn] the most is that she is a very optimistic and positive person. When kids meet with her, they work hard and develop self-confidence.She is an advocate for them; she believes in them.”

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