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Thank You, Class of ’09!
the editorial board
May 20, 2009

The senior class will leave behind more than the “09” of red tulips on the front lawn of the Main School Building. Over the past four years, members of the class of ’09 have contributed to all areas of campus life, from creating a political magazine to designing solar panels, from rewriting the student council constitution to “just being happy,” as one faculty member observed.

However, possibly most admirable about the senior class has been that every member, regardless of official titles, has been a leader.Just because some did not carry the names of Peer Counselor or Proctor, they still helped fellow classmates and underclassmen when it counted most.Acts as simple as cooking pancakes for other girls at the Rock or waving hello to a 9th grader on the path have made all the difference and created a legacy of generosity and kindness.

So as the days until Commencement dwindle, we’d like to thank the members of the class of ’09 for their consistent leadership and wish them good luck in their futures, wherever they may be!