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Re: Re: “Israel’s Right to Defense,” February 4, 2008
ryan erf 10 contributing writer
May 20, 2009

Re: “Israel’s Right to Defense,” February 4, 2008

After reading the previous issue’s letter to the editor concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it appeared that the argument drifted too far back into the past and lacked a focus on the current conflict.

Despite Israel’s long history, in the past 22 years, since the establishment of Hamas in 1987 by Sheik Ahmad Yasinat, there has been constant tension and violence between these two groups. Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military element (as opposed to the political element) of Hamas, is responsible for attacking Israel ever since the 90s.

Hamas, which in Arabic is an acronym that means Islamic Resistance Movement, has caused countless deaths to the Israeli people. There have been over 50 documented terrorist attacks against Israel committed by Hamas and the extensions of Hamas.

The major outrage occurred when Israel struck back against the Hamas forcefully after many years of attempting peace. However, just how murderous was Hamas before Israel struck back? The answer is very. Hamas caused 156 deaths before the war of Oslo even began in September of 2000. Since then there have been at least 337 more, but where is the outrage there?

While it may be true that not all Muslims think of Jews as “the infidel,” as quoted in The Deerfield Scroll, there are Islamic extremists today who do feel that way, such as those who are part of Hamas. The Gaza Strip is ruled by Hamas as it is not only a terrorist organization, but the governing body of the area.

The reply to “Israel’s Right to Defense” asks that people remember their bias due to our religion and upbringing, yet it is because of the reply’s surprising outrage against Israel’s choice to protect its citizens that I question on which side the bias truly falls.

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––Ryan Erf ’10