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Notre Dame: It’s a President!
the editorial board
May 20, 2009

As our own seniors await graduation, students do the same, perhaps with a little less enthusiasm, at the University of Notre Dame, where President Obama is scheduled to deliver the commencement address. Obama’s belief in Choice is sparking heated arguments at the Catholic college, with the pro-life students protesting his scheduled speech.

We believe those who desire a different speaker should reconsider their pleas. Despite their standpoint on the president’s beliefs, his visit is an immense honor. We would support any accomplished speaker, political or otherwise, at Deerfield; every lecturer has something important to share and deserves the students’ attention and respect. President Obama and his counterparts across the country have demonstrated great effort and achievement.

We hope Notre Dame will give the president due respect and come away from their commencement with some new perspectives.

Maybe they will be able to learn the most from someone with whom they disagree.