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Lack of Late Check-In: A Void in Sophomore Spring
the editorial board
May 20, 2009

This term, sophomores have expressed disappointment and confusion over the unexpected revocation of late check-in privileges.

In past years, 10th graders have enjoyed a half-hour curfew extension as a reward for having no APs or for making Honor Roll during the winter term––a privilege seen as a rite of passage to upperclassman years.

Early protest, including a stirring school-meeting sing to Mr. Emerson, by girls of Poc I, has since faded to unmet expectations and lingering uncertainty. As spring term draws to a close, we look back and question why the deans chose to eliminate late check-in, or how they plan to address it in the future.

The Class of 2011 worked hard in anticipation of this reward all winter, and at the very least, we would have hoped the deans could have communicated more openly both before and after their decision.

In future years, if nothing more, rising sophomores deserve more candor on the parts of the deans about the continuation of traditions like this thirty-minute concession.