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We Like Textbooks in Books
the editorial board
April 22, 2009

While we admit that math textbooks are often thrown away at the end of each school year, online textbooks would only interfere with students’ individual studying methods. While making math books available online aims to eliminate wasteful spending, a better budget-conscious solution is to recycle or exchange them. Web-based textbooks would limit the hours students could do their homework, let alone could potentially cause eye damage! Other subjects that require more annotations, such as English and history, should continue to offer class materials in printed book form. Highlighting, writing notes in margins, and immersing oneself physically in a textbook enhances and facilitates students’ learning processes. We should not prevent students from learning in this traditional manner––through the printed word. Words on a screen would teach us to write, read, and think through a device; hand-writing notes in a book allows us to be a part, physically, of the learning, and fosters individual thinking, free from technological and Internet-related distractions.