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Re: “The Mysterious Disappearance of the Koch Center Computers,” February 4, 2008
gordon zeke knight 54
April 22, 2009

For our 50th reunion, the great class of 1954 focused our gift on being “worthy of and preserving our heritage.” With that as our vision, we dedicated part of our funds to the construction of an environmental classroom and lab in the Koch Science Center, and the remainder to establishing a faculty chair for the teaching of environmental science.

Over the past five years I have come to realize how prophetic our thoughts were. We were pleased to learn that this year Deerfield instituted the A.P. course in Environmental Science.

Consequently the recent editorial in your March 4th edition of The Scroll entitled “The Mysterious Disappearance of the Koch Center Computers” has me mystified as well. Are we trying to cut costs in these challenging economic times or is this a matter of communication? To me, it seems only natural that the Koch Center have a space dedicated for student research with access to computers and printers.

We are returning for our 54th reunion this June. It would be nice if this student/faculty space conflict can be resolved and the study of environmental science be preserved in its natural environment.